7 shocking initiation stories

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 10th October 2013

#1: Swallowing live fish

During an initiation ceremony for a student's club new members were asked to swallow a drink containing a live goldfish. They were then told to make themselves sick - if the fish survived the experience they were rewarded, if not they were subjected to more disgusting tasks.

#2: New pair of balls

A new student at the Kappa Alpha fraternity at Texas A&M university was given a wedgie as part of his initiation he ended up with much less than he bargained for - the damage was so bad that doctors later had to remove a testicle.

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#3: Caught in the act

After an initiation group was secretly filmed it fell into the hands of the BBC and rightly became big news. It shows a man dressed in a Nazi uniform leading a group of freshers down the road with plastic bags on their head. The students are then told to drink and vomit on demand.


#4: Saucy overdose

19-year-old John Paul Boldrick from the University of Virginia ended up in intensive care after necking an entire bottle of soy sauce. According to doctors John consumed so much sodium that there was an electrolyte imbalance in his brain, causing him to have a seizure. He later made a full recovery.

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#5: Performing sexual acts in public

Six students from the University of Gloucestershire were caught ‘performing sex acts' on the top of a bus as part of the Rugby and Football Club initiation ceremony. The unfortunate audience included two horrified 17-year-old girls. All six culprits were duly given 160 day long community orders banning them from entering pubs or bars and from drinking in public.

#6: Beaten with paddles

Former student, Courtney Howard of San Jose State University sued her sorority after it was alleged she was beaten with wooden paddles for three weeks. She also claimed she was slapped, shoved into walls, and told ‘snitches get stitches'.


#7: Horrific ending with Bovril and raw fish in bras

In 2008 20-year-old student Natalie Sutton told the BBC about her experiences. The following are her words, no changes:

"We were given Oxo cubes to suck as we were paraded, singing and chanting, around the neighbourhood. We ended up in a dark basement where raw fish was stuffed down our bras and we were told to eat a nausea-inducing mixture of cat food, eggs and breakfast cereal topped with Bovril, washed down with copious amounts of ‘bucket juice'. After a lot of vomiting, we were taken upstairs to a car park and pelted with flour, washing-up liquid and eggs, before being led to our final destination, a local nightclub. Our last challenge was to eat the fish out of our bras. It's also the last thing I remember, owing to the sheer amount of alcohol I had consumed."