8 examples of bad parenting...

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 11th September 2013

#1: Brainless Mommy

Let me pose and smile while my daughter points a gun at me which will make her learn that a gun is the best to play with.


#2: Cleverly stupid

Why risk your baby's life even if you are tired? There's something called a taxicab or a bus.

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#3: ‘Butt’ered kid

The seat is too low for me, let me use my kid to level the height.


#4: Selfish father

Let me check my emails, who cares about the baby, just bind him up, he has to cry anyway.

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#5: Playing "Baby Ball"

There's a new game in town, Babyball. The more baby cries the more points you earn.

#6: Evil parent

Does it remind you of something? No? Think about the TV show Dexter, but even he was polite to the kids.


#7: Baby pad

I never knew such a pad existed.

#8: Poor kid

Help me with my bag kid I'm way to tired it doesn't matter what happens to you after doing this.