8 Living Things That Survived Being Flushed Down The Toilet!

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 28th August 2015

#1 Puppy survives accidental flushing

4-year-old Daniel Blair decided his new puppy needed to be washed, so he placed the week-old cocker spaniel in the loo and flushed. When his mum discovered what had happened, she raced outside and heard the pup whining in the sewer below. A four-hour ordeal ensued, but a company named Dyno-Rod was able to use a remote camera to push him to a sewer, where he was lifted out safely. The dog was re-christened Dyno.

#2 Baby girl survives with head stuck in toilet

Patrons at a restaurant in Bejing were horrified when they heard a baby's cry coming from a toilet stall. When police arrived, they discovered blood around the toilet, and the baby stuck head first. The child was rescued and was reported uninjured. Due to China's strict one-child policy and social pressures, some mothers abandon unplanned babies shortly after birth.

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#3 Baby rescued from toilet pipe

This poor baby got stuck in the pipes of an apartment building in Jinhua, China. Rescuers had to saw away the entire pipe to free the infant, who was brought to the hospital and listed in stable condition. The 22-year-old mother said she gave birth over the toilet, but did not mean to flush away the babyshe merely wanted to clear away the blood. Authorities believed her and the child was returned.

#4 Flushed goldfish found at Scottish sewage plant

Goldfish are regularly flushed down the toilet, but it is very rare that they will survive the ordeal because of the toxic environment and low level of water. Jake Huey, a worker at East Phillipshill Wastewater Treatment Plant in Scotland, found a goldfish flailing on a mesh filter that made it all the way through the system while finishing his daily routine. The lucky fish was placed in a fish bowl and named Pooh.

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#5 Baby found in sewer

This baby made it through the toilet and piping all the way to the sewer. He was found after residents heard him crying and saw him lying on his back in a small pool of water. Firefighters were worried he might move or be flushed further, but he was carefully removed completely unharmed. Rescuers dubbed the abandoned baby Xiaoxiao and were still searching for his mother.

#6 Japanese goldfish flushed in Iceland survives

Here's another flushed fish survival tale. This miracle fish from Reykjavík, Iceland survived in spite of having its eyes washed out during the ordeal. The Japanese goldfish was named Undri (or "Wonder") and lived at the plant where he was found for at least six years.

#7 Kitten rescued from sewer pipe under house

Down under in Australia, a similar thing happened to a kitten. Three-year-old Alannah Merleto had a habit of flushing things down the toilet that she shouldn't. When her mom asked where Cain the kitty was, she said "down the toilet." Firefighters were called, and it took four hours to get Cain dislodgedthey had to dismantle the toilet, smash through concrete, and cut through piping. Cain was safely removed, and Alannah promised never to do it again.

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#8 Spider cannot be flushed down toilet

Finally, we'll leave you with a scary tale of a creature that perhaps shouldn't have survived a flushinga huge spider! Australia is home to a lot of scary spiders, and this one ended up hiding in Barry Morrisey's toilet. As you can see below, no matter how many times he flushes, the spider survives