A Fight Broke Out Between Two Sisters While White-Water Rafting And It Was Amazing

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 8th October 2015


You know when you're on your kayak, minding your own business as you pass through the scenic river, at one with nature? Good, isn't it? So we all know how annoying it is when you come across the inevitable raft with a pair of fighting sisters, right?

Well it's only gone and happened again!


Whilst kayaking through the Nantahala Gorge river, Cody Maple caught the footage of the, seemingly drunk, sisters fighting for an undisclosed reason. Have a look

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This video just keeps on giving. Although there's a few things we can't work out

Who get's drunk and thinks "we may have our differences, but nothing a bit of rafting couldn't sort out"? Why is there a person sort of caught in the middle of the fight with their arm trapped under the bundle? What did one of them do to constantly warrant "why did you do this to me?!" And WHAT is up with the inexplicable kiss at 2:05?!

Lots of questions. From what we can work out, the blond one is Jessica and the other is Jasmine and they're both pro rafters for Big Creek Expeditions. And, well, it looks like Jasmine was more invested in the emotional side