Amy Thompson's Story Should Be A Perfect Example Of The Dangers Of Ecstasy.

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 9th October 2015


Take a 16-year-old girl who is pretty and popular.

Now place her under the influence of supposed ecstasy, and things change completely. This Scottish teen, Amy Thompson, normally didn't dabble in drugs. But when presented with a clear capsule with white powder inside, and the comforting party talk that it's just ecstasy and no worries, she and her friends decide to indulge.


Amy and her three friends pop the pills and rather than the euphoric release they expect, all of them suddenly black out and collapse. An ambulance is quickly called.

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The three friends turn out OK. But Amy does not. She falls into a coma and brain damage is discovered. With mother and cousin at bedside, the normally bright and cheery Amy is deeply prayed for to come back.


Amy does return. But she is unable to speak normally. She slurs her words. And even worse, she doesn't seem able to move. She needs to be put in a wheelchair.

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Here's a video of the aftermath of how Amy turned out after consuming a single pill:


It takes extreme effort for Amy to talk, as it seems the pill essentially fried Amy's brain.


There have been arrests made. A woman and a man who are suspected of selling drugs which were contaminated.

The arrests mean little to Amy's mother who simply wants her daughter back. This video is certainly a wake up call for what can happen when messing with hard drugs which always have the potential to be contaminated or contain very harsh chemicals which are cut into the drugs for greater profitability. Share this warning with everyone you know so as to prevent horrific outcomes like this from occurring to friends and loved ones.

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