Be Careful What You Buy – Plastic Rice Is Spreading Across Asia!

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 9th October 2015


How do we get to a point in humanity where our actual food is altered to such a degree, that it isn't actually food at all?

The greed is so unbelievable here, that just like this fake rice, it's hard to stomach.


While many people are vigilant about looking for artificial ingredients on labels, one would never imagine the need to look out for completely fake ingredients which should not be consumed at all.

Yes, we are talking about fake rice. The fake plastic rice is made out of potatoes and synthetic resin!

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The "rice" from China, has already hit the markets in Asia and is said to be en route to hit Singapore next.

Naturally the side effects are not good. Gastritis and a number of other stomach diseases can result in the consumption of this "rice". And of course they camouflage this rice by mixing it in with regular rice, giving it the same look. This fake rice is a serious threat to the digestive system.

Naturally you can't tell the difference while making your purchase. You have to bring it home and see if the shape doesn't change while cooking. If it doesn't change it's size, it's the plastic rice. Oh, you can also try burning it. If it burns and smells like plastic would when lit, then you have yourself a packet of the fake stuff.