Crazy Reasons To Visit The Zoo Again And Again.

By Johny in Bizarre On 20th October 2015

#1 This is something strange ever seen in the zoo. Unpredictable.

#2 Gorillas having fun and kids have no idea what are they doing. They are shouting look they hugging each other.

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#4 Monkey shove his arm to another one's butt. OH.. That's hurt.

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#5 Monster Spotted. Zoo Brutality Exposed

#6 Father wants his girl to play with animals. These type of fathers should be ban from zoo

#7 Giraffe found his true love.

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#8 Polar bear playing with horse mask.

#9 Kids are happy of coming out of elephants back. it's like eating and pooping slide.

#10 So Birds are expensive than a girl than a woman.

#11 This bitch does not care about her children.. She said, she will make more.

#12 LOL.. That's hilarious. its family day.