#DeezNuts For President: Americans are Actually Going “Nuts”

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 20th August 2015


According to Public Policy Polling (PPP), try saying that three times fast, the previous unknown independent candidate was on the verge of breaking double digits. Normally this feat wouldn't be impressive, but there are currently 16 candidates polling under 10%.


Deez Nuts, polls at 9 (percent) in North Carolina to go along with his 8 (percent) in Minnesota, and 7 (percent) in Iowa in our recent polling," PPP stated. "Trump leads Clinton 40/38 when he's in the mix." Nuts' voter base appears to trend liberal.

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Yes, PPP is a real polling firm. It's Twitter noted that the candidate got "pretty consistent support". It also retweeted multiple people referencing Nuts.

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The company appears to be in on the joke, because Deez Nuts is actually is a 15-year-old Iowa farm boy.


According to a Federal Elections Commission filing, Mr. Nuts hails from Wallingford, Iowa.


If the candidate's platform for balanced budgets, against illegal immigration, for gay marriage, against oil subsidies seems a little thin, well ... cut the kid some slack, America.Â

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