Dramatic Moments- Hero Aunt Who Saved Baby Nephew On A Busy Motorway

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 10th September 2015

#1 A women stopped in the middle of traffic when her baby nephew suddenly stopped breathing.

Pamela Rauseo leapt from her four-wheel drive when her sister's five-month-old son, Sebastian de la Cruz, suddenly stopped crying in a traffic jam and started turning blue.

#2 The heroic moments were captured by a Miami Herald photographer.

Photographer Al Diaz was caught in the traffic chaos on the ­Dolphin Expressway in Florida when captured these dramatic images.

He said: "I heard Pamela screaming the baby couldn't breathe."

One of the first on the scene was Lucila Godoy. Leaving her three-year-old son in her car, Godoy rushed to help as Rauseo performed CPR on her nephew.

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#3 He captured the moments when Pamela Rauseo started giving CPR to child.

The 37-year-old Pamela was able to give the child the kiss of life after learning infant resuscitation seven years ago when her own little boy stopped breathing, also aged five months.

#4 Pamela said: “He had lost all colour and was limp. Completely limp. It was frightening."

Little Sebastian had responded to the initial set of compressions, but slipped out of consciousness seconds later, she said. A cadre of emergency crews, including Sweetwater Police and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, joined in the nerve-wracking revival mission.

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#5 Alvaro Tonanez of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue checks the baby's airway is clear.

The rescue workers were able to keep Sebastian breathing until paramedics arrived.

#6 Officer Bastidas holds baby Sebastian close as he watches paramedics arrive.

Just as the baby started to breathe again, more help arrived.

#7 A paramedic carries Sebastian into an emergency vehicle so he can be taken to hospital.

The baby is said to be in stable condition in hospital.

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