French Couple Spend Over $300,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie And Ken

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 23rd October 2015


Anastasia Reskoss, 20, and Quentin Dehar, 23, met at a boat party in 2013, and they quickly bonded over their fondness for the plastic lives of dolls. "When I'd laid eyes on Quentin for the first time, I knew that I'd found the love of my life," Anastasia said. "Quentin walked over to me and said: ‘I've found the Barbie to my Ken.' It was so straightforward. We both knew we had met a partner who was going to enable us to become the Ken and Barbie we had always dreamed of being."


Quentin believes that Anastasia is his soulmate and that they were destined to meet. He revealed that they've both been obsessed with dolls since childhood. "I adored my Ken dolls," he said. "I had all the wonderful Ken accessories to go with them too the toy plane, the house, and the convertible car. I loved his billionaire lifestyle."

Anastasia, who grew up in Russia before moving to Paris, was equally enamoured with her Barbie collection. "My parents provided me with the best education possible and they also bought me all the Barbies that I wanted too," she said. "At one point, I had over 100 Barbies in my collection and I played with them all the time. I loved them. They were so beautiful."

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As she grew older, Anastasia began to compare herself to her Barbies and always found that her own beauty fell short of her expectations. "At secondary school, I just felt like I was never really a pretty girl and I believed I looked very pale too," she said. "I turned to the Barbies I always loved as a kid. I just loved how tanned and perfect they were." And that's when she realised that she wanted to look just like them.

So Anastasia got her first surgery a nose job at age 17, paid for by her parents. A year later, she got a boob job to go from a 32C to a 32E. While both surgeries made her really happy, her parents weren't thrilled with the idea of a boob job. But they paid anyway, just to keep her happy. "I was a good daughter," she said. "I studied hard and did very well at school. And the end of the day, my parents would rather have a teenage daughter who takes care of her appearance than one who takes drugs."


Quentin was going through something similar during his growing up years he felt very average and felt that he somehow needed to become like his childhood idol Ken. And his parents have been equally supportive of his desires. He got his first surgery at age 18, also a nose job, and got botox injections in his face a year later. "I can't describe how much happier I was," he said. "I felt like I was getting closer to becoming the real Ken."

The duo have pretty much been inseparable since they met. "As soon as we got together, we started advising each other, pushing each other to be better," Anastasia said. "Quentin convinced me to hire a personal trainer, and encouraged me to quit alcohol. We don't drink, smoke, or take drugs." They've also influenced each other to splurge their parents' money on more surgeries.

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Since 2013, the couple has collectively spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery and other procedures. Anastasia took her boob size to a 32GG, got a second nose job, and also added butt implants. Quentin also got a second nose job, an eye bag removal surgery, a pinnaplasty (ear pinning), and veneers to match Ken's teeth. Between each other, they've got several rounds of lip injections, cheek fillers, and botox sessions. They have their teeth whitened every six months, and spend on various other beauty treatments facials, hair extensions, fake tanning, anti-aging, haircuts, and hair removal.

The couple also like maintaining a Ken-and-Barbie like billionaire lifestyle, also sponsored by their parents. They love designer labels Anastasia's parents have bought her over a dozen Hermes Birkin handbags worth over $10,000 each, white Quentin drives a Porsche Cayman convertible worth nearly $80,000, just like Ken's.


Although their parents are super supportive, they admit that not everyone understands their obsession. "People sometimes get jealous of our amazing lifestyles," Anastasia said. "They don't make fun of us but they can say mean things behind our back. Plastic surgery is a really taboo thing in France, it's not accepted here like it is in America for example."

"Quentin and I want to start a plastic surgery revolution," she added. "Everyone can be beautiful and everyone can improve themselves with cosmetic work."