Graphic X-Rays That Are So Shocking You Won't Believe The Patients Survived!

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 24th August 2015

#1 The only beautiful one on the list. Savor it, and realize that things are about to get freaky.

#2 This is what it looks like when you shoot a four-inch nail into your dome.

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#4 You use a monocle on your brown eye, brother.

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#5 That would hurt like FORK.

#6 “I use Advil.”

#7 Jim Carrey’s character in Liar Liar: “It’s The Claw, The Claw!”

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#8 Won’t go back to that nail salon.

#9 This woman had 78 pieces of cutlery in her.

#10 You should wince when you see this. It proves you are human.

#11 Good luck doing this with an iPhone 6+.

#12 A young girl started gobbling these metal pieces thinking they were candy. She survived.

#13 This fellow tried to stop a bus robbery and got a knife to the skull. He survived and Batman got the assailant.

#14 Dude denied that he had inserted a bottle up into his rectum and attempted to take it out with a wire. He gave up the ruse when the x-ray came back pretty definitively.

#15 When the docs forget to check they’ve taken the tools out before sewing you up…

#16 This character apparently couldn’t accept he had a nail in his head. Until he saw this.

#17 If you think the x-ray is difficult to look at, imagine what it was like in the flesh!?

#18 The soldier survived having a knife stabbed four inches into his skull. Look at how close it is to his spinal chord!