Guy Poses As Customer Service To Troll People On Facebook Upset About Doritos Rainbow Chips.

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 23rd September 2015

#1 Patty's seen things.

#2 Frito-Lay started the Crusades.

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#4 Gayritos + "Fagbook" = perfect night in.

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#5 Josh. Duggar.

#6 No corporation has every gotten involved in politics.

#7 What would Jesus eat?

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#8 No one thinks "Doritos" when they hear "eat fresh."


Mike Melgaard may be a fun prankster fooling anti-gay bigots, but it seems like the hateful rhetoric of these commenters might be getting to him. He posted this pretty serious response to all the angry people who don't seem to realize that no matter what color Doritos are, they still taste the same (like they're instantly burning all your taste buds off):

For those who are actually THAT upset over Frito-Lay offering the public to purchase rainbow colored Doritos:Did it...

Posted by Mike Melgaard onĀ Friday, September 18, 2015