Guy Texts Wrong Number Looking For Drugs And Ends Up Being The Police Captain

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 15th September 2015


It's never a good idea to spark up a random convo with a random person for some drugs. It's too late to tell that to Will, 29 year old William Lamberson from Port St. Lucie, Florida just did that will looking to smoke up some weed.

He met the person supposedly at a 7-Eleven but unfortunately for Will, it was actually the number of a police captain who works narcotics for the Martin Country Sheriff's Office.


Will is not seeing any of the red flags, it is pretty clear that this dude doesn't know him, but when you need that green you do whatever it takes.

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Now the deal has gone from some green to some blow, with Will becoming the hook up. This is not a good move Will

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Dammit Will!

Well. maybe this will teach him to stay away from the drugs.