He Was Drunk When He Designed An Entire Plane But Now Remembers Nothing Of It

By Suzanne in Bizarre On 8th September 2015

#1 A student called Mark apparently returned home after a night on the lash and set about designing an aircraft. Luckily, his room mate, Keith, was there to document the happening.

#2 On Sunday, he tweeted a picture of Mark’s designs, adding: “so my roommate came back last night and doesnt remember designing an entire f*****g airplane.“ It has since got over 63,000 retweets and 108,000 favourites.

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#3 Mark, a mechanical engineering student ,who, understandably doesn’t want to but strain on his prospects, has kept his true identity hidden. Keith told the Guardian that Mark came home “in a drunken sway” at roughly 11.30pm after indulging himself in “a ton of rum and vodka-mixed drinks” and reached straight for his books.

#4 Hours later, he began telling Keith all about his new craft and the maths behind it. He apparently sounded like “a slurred robot“. “He fell asleep in his chair and woke up about an hour later basically questioning his sanity because of the immense amount of work that was in front of him, with no memory of his motivation to do it.“

Mark says it might just work and he looks forward to testing out a model that he plans to make later.

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