Heartbroken- 'I Think It May Be Too Late Darling, The Venom May Have Traveled Through By Now' Snake Bite Victim's Last Words Before She Died In Her Husband's Arms

By Suzanne in Bizarre On 20th August 2015

#1 Anne Wortham, 75, died after she was bitten by a snake in Fremantle in WA

Anne Wortham, from Fremantle, sadly died after she was bitten by a snake while walking her home at South Beach

Mr Wortham said: 'I was in shock horror that's all, disbelief at first, until I saw the blood on the back of her leg.'

#2 Mrs Wortham came home and asked her husband to take her to hospital

He said blood was running down the back of her leg from where the deadly reptile had bit her when she calmly asked him to take her to hospital about 3.30pm on Saturday.

'I grabbed a shoelace from one of the hiking boots and tied it above her ankle as a tourniquet," he said.

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#3 It is not known what kind of snake Mrs Wortham was bitten by at South Beach and it would take weeks for a toxicology report to come back to confirm

She said: 'I think it may be too late, the venom may have travelled through by now'.

'She came to the door and I was snoozing, taking my afternoon rest. I heard her say: "Quick get me to hospital. I've been bitten by a snake. I think it was a dugite or tiger snake," Mr Wortham

Mrs Wortham was rushed to Perth's Fiona Stanley Hospital but unfortunately staff there were unable to revive her.

#4 Professor Wortham revealed his wife believed she had been bitten by dugite snake, which is native to Western Australia

The exact location of where she had been bitten and confirmation of what kind of snake claimed her life is still unknown five days later and Professor Wortham told that it would be weeks before a toxicology report came back.

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#5 She also said it could have been a tiger snake before she died when she arrived back home from her walk on Saturday afternoon

Mrs Wortham's death from a snake bite comes at a time when they are not usually active in Western Australia.

But the killer reptile has been brought out of its torpor by unseasonably hot weather.

Saturday was the warmest August day in Fremantle for 17 years, reaching a top of 27 degrees.

Dugite snakes are native to Western Australia and prefer sandy areas, while tiger snakes are found most commonly in the southern regions of the nation.