Know What The Most Alcoholic Drink in The World Can Do To You

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 18th November 2013

If you think that getting yourself wasted on a one night stand will make you fit in with the cool kids, and all you need is that one drink to let the party roll? In that case, do not think Ever clear is the drink to your social glitches. I know, I know, it makes it sound even more tempting right?



But don’t be fooled! This intoxicating liquid comes with a price. Ever clear is 190 proof alcohol as compared to regular vodka or whiskey. If you ingest more than 5 ounces of this party poison, your body could go into a coma and your insides start to burn. Scary? Well, you bet your ass it is!



Drinking Ever Clear is like drinking battery acid. Now how does that sound? Three sips of it can make you more stoned than you have ever been. Imagine yourself feeling on top of the world with a glass of this drunken monster in your hand and before you can even think or understand what the hell is going on, your rolling on the floor not knowing which way is up and you can feel your throat and stomach burning.

Now some of you rebellious type must still want some proof right? If you’re wondering what drinking a whole bottle of this poison could do to you, then let me put it simply. You will die! First, you will start to feel nauseous and you will sweat. Your speech will begin to slur which then is followed by you having really distressed thoughts. Sounds almost like ‘just being hammered’ right? Wrong! You will then start to experience chest pains and you breathing will become restricted, you heart beat will turn erratic and one by one, your organs will start shutting down. Your body will go into a state of shock which ultimately leads to your death.




Thankfully, Ever clear is illegal and very rarely found in most countries. But you know what the saying is about forbidden fruit right?