Mom Sends Son An Invoice For His Custody That Has Gone Viral

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 19th September 2015


The majority of us went through a phase as teenagers that involved annoying or disrespecting our folks until they took away our precious belongings or repeatedly picked up the phone while we were on the Internet (bringing it back to the '90s). But for one mom, she instead decided to send her son an invoice that is blowing up on the Internet.

The mom, Estella, thought that her 13-year-old son Aaron was being a disrespectful and a typical obnoxious teen. So she decided to write out a long invoice and post it on Facebook, since Aaron makes money on YouTube and believed he deserved more independence.

Estella also decided to post an explanation about the letter, letting us know that she accidentally made the post public when she posted it -- which is believable because she's a mom and it's Facebook.

Aaron threw a tantrum when he discovered the note, but eventually he and his mom came to an agreement. I assume that means Estella gave him up for adoption.

Every teen's goal is to annoy everyone at malls and movie theaters, so I'm OK with a parent doing this to bring them down a peg or two. Now get off my lawn, punks.


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