People Are Freaking Out Because The Halloween Whopper Is Turning Their Poo Green

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 6th October 2015


So Burger King, in honour of everyone's third favourite holiday, released the Halloween whopper.

Basically a normal whopper with a black bun. Fun, right?

Well there's a big surprise in store one you'll never see coming

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No one saw that coming. Oh yeah it also turns your poo green.



We hate to be vulgar but, you know, this is a public service announcement that needs to be out there.

Even miss new booty agrees.

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There's mixed feelings about it Is this guy annoyed about the poo and happy about the burger, or is he delighted by everything?


And, as we understand it, it's not even like a tint of green, it's full on camo-mode


So there you have it. We're sure if you google hard enough there is probably picture evidence out there on the internet, somewhere. It is the internet, after all.

Sorry to make this all about poo but we feel morally obliged look out for all of you. You can thank us later.