People Reveal The Most Messed Up Game of Truth or Dare They Ever Had

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 18th October 2015

#1 I'd hate to see the guy that made her choose this option

Truth or dare was the first time I ever kissed a girl. It was also the first time one of my friends got a BJ and another got some hand action. I use to think we were the only ones playing and we were super lame. Then I saw this thread

People on Reddit reveled the most f*cked up games of truth or dare they played:

#2 Idk what's more awkward the kiss or the fact that he was a kiss virgin at that point.

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#4 Cock-blocked by a bee. Ouch!

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#5 That's just cold as ice.

#6 Oh my fuck... that's a buzzkill

#8 A variant of T or D known as "I've Never" can lead to some pretty interesting revelations