Shocking Pictures Of Child Smoking Drugs And Drinking Cider Put On Facebook By Mother

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 27th September 2015

#1 THE hunt is on to track down a mother who posted photos of her son boozing and smoking drugs on Facebook.

The images, posted by a woman from Argentina, have upset social media users so much that they are banding together to help track down the woman and report her for child abuse.

She first posted the pictures of her son drinking a bottle of cider in January and captioned them "Look how he drinks".

More recently, the woman posted a new set of pictures showing the same child smoking a cigarette, which appears to be a joint.

She captioned the photo saying: "my cute baby, you're high, from your mother".


A wave of online protests followed these uploads resulting in the woman's Facebook page being bombarded with hate messages.

The photos were taken down a few hours after being uploaded, but not before they were copied and shared.

Her Facebook account has since been deleted.

Dozens of people demanded to know who she was so she could be reported to the police and punished.

Child protection officials in the South American country have said they would only act when they have a name for the child and his mother.

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