Shocking Pictures Show Horrendous Conditions 5 Children Had To Endure At Their Squalid Home

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 9th September 2015

#1 Squalid Conditions: These pictures show the shocking state of the bedrooms where the children were kept.

The five children were girls now aged 15, 12, six and two and a boy aged four. The three youngest were the children of Higgins and Lisa was mother to all five.

Andrew Bailey, prosecuting, told Grimsby Crown Court police went to the couple's home on April 21 last year after a tip-off.

He said: "There was no food anywhere in the house, the stairs did not have a carpet on them."

#2 Appalling State: The living conditions were described as 'uninhabitable' during a court hearing

"The bath was covered in mold and had not been used for a while," Mr Bailey continued.

"The living conditions were uninhabitable and there was a syringe, without a needle, which seemed to have dirty blood in it."

In the house, there was a large empty vodka bottle on the floor and there was no food at all in a fridge infested with mold.

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#3 Children Suffered: The children had head lice and bed bugs, the court was told.

The bath, sink and toilet were covered in excrement with flies hovering around it while the mattresses in the bedrooms were sodden with a strong smell of urine.

The children suffered from head lice and bed bugs and the eldest girl was forced not to eat her school lunch so that she could take it home to feed the youngest.

They are now, apart from the eldest, living in pairs in foster homes and are said to be doing well.

#4 Behind Bars: Scott Higgins who was sentenced alongside his partner

Richard Butters, mitigating, said: "The house was in a thoroughly disgusting state and was not habitable, even for an animal.

"The children were neglected and, more importantly, exposed to significant harm because of those conditions.

"At least the children are now well, physically. There was no intention on the part of the parents to harm these children.

"It's simply the state that he was in that caused him to be utterly useless and incapable."

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#5 Accepts Punishment: The court was told Lisa Doxey agreed she deserved prison for the offences

Simon Hirst, representing Lisa Doxey, said the mother accepted she deserved prison because of her bad behavior in not looking after the children.

He said: "She is very remorseful and relieved things came to an end. The harm to these children was of an emotional type rather than a physical type.

"Physically, these children are all described as very well apart from the nappy rash."