Teen Who Faked Pregnancy With Triplets, People Didn't Get Suspicious Until She Hit 10 Months

By Suzanne in Bizarre On 3rd September 2015

#1 A teen from Wyandotte, Michigan used a website called "Fake a Baby" to convince her friends, family, and her boyfriend that she was pregnant with triplets for a whole ten months. She took things incredibly far, receiving donations from a church, a non-profit, and a Facebook group called "Moms of Triplets." Here's a selfie she took of her "belly."

#2 And here's a cake someone baked her for the baby shower. She also named the triplets Ivan, Alice, and Isabella and had a baby shower where people brought her a bunch of gifts.

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#3 Upon hearing the news, her boyfriend started looking for jobs, and was ready to dedicate his life to their kids. When interviewed about the situation, he told reporters that she explained her 10-month-pregnancy as being the result of a doctor wanting to prevent her from having a "micro-preemie," which doesn't make any sense because preemies come out early, not late.

#4 Things started to unravel when her boyfriend's family couldn't contact any of the doctors she claimed to have visited. Someone on the Facebook group then realized that the ultrasound pictures she was posting were from Fake a Baby.

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#5 "Silicone Fake Pregnancy Belly." "Personalized Fake Prescription." "Fake Sonogram." These are all items that you can buy from Fake a Baby.

#6 The person from the Facebook group contacted the boyfriend's family, who then called the authorities. When detectives visited the 16-year-old, she cracked. She claims that she lost the babies at six weeks and was too scared to tell people, so she chose the path of carrying out a long, unsustainable con. There's a chance that she was never pregnant at all, but then again, if you're going to fake a pregnancy, why would you claim to have triplets?

#7 And here are some advertisements from "fake a baby."

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#8 Their advertisements are super weird.