The Dangers of Social Media. EVERY Parent & Child Should See This!

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 20th September 2015


Social media can be a dangerous place.

There are many online predators that are lurking on social media that prey on the lives of innocent boys and girls. Children use social media, to make friends and many of them whom they haven't met face to face, and are complete strangers. Most kids do it so casually, and without even thinking. Parents are usually oblivious or unaware, that something so innocent could actually pose a major danger to their children's well-being, especially without the right parenting / precautions / and education. In this video, a fake teenage female's profile is created and used to befriend and then lure unsuspecting teenage boys to meet up. What ends up happening is a far worse situation than the teenage boys signed up for.

Thankfully this was all setup to teach kids a lesson, and teach a lessons to kids about the dangers of social media. But in In real life, things can end tragically. Innocent lives damaged and destroyed that will never be the same again. It's very important that EVERY parent AND child sees this video. Even if it helps save one child's life from watching, it was worth it.

Please SHARE this video with all your friends and family. It has a very important message that everyone should see.