These 17 People Should Be Banned From Facebook

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 11th September 2015

#1 Very mysterious indeed.

Who punches a janitor?

#2 Oh god. That's just... unfortunate.

He is NOT going to be happy when he discovers that.

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#4 Wat.

Like actually, do they think anal means something else?

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#5 Why are you online go to the hospital

Jesus. There are instructions right on the goddamn bottle.

#6 It's on the Internet. It must be true!

CD drives are for CDs only.

#8 Jesus? Nah son, GOT.

Season 5 spoiler alert: Eddard Stark is being resurrected!

#9 No word

#10 Just like a brandy bean chocolate.

Why is nobody rescuing that poor man?

#11 Wrong app.

Thnx 4 the laughs, man.

#12 It seems to have skipped a generation.

It's cute that she's so proud though.

#13 Sometimes it's better to step aside and let the school system take care of it.

I know you don't want your kids learning evolution, but like..

#14 Austria =/= Australia

Good try though!

#15 How is he not catching on?

Reggie is pretty clever though.

#16 God, get it right Canada.

How dumb? Not as dumb as someone who doesn't fact check before posting online.

#17 Back in the '90s, it was known as the pound key.

No idea what it was for though. We tried to pound our phone calls but it never worked.