These Are The Weirdest Punishments Ever Doled Out!

By Teresa Thomerson in Bizarre On 20th September 2015


A pizza shop owner in Buffalo was sentenced to donate the value of his theft in pizzas to a local mission.


A group of high school students vandalized a school bus preventing some younger children from attending a field trip. The older students were ordered to host a picnic for the younger kids.

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A couple of Satanists were made to walk the streets of a town while leading a donkey after defacing a nativity scene. The donkey wore a sign that read "Sorry for the jackass offense."


A man who was arrested for not paying child support was given a vasectomy as part of a plea deal. The judge wanted to prevent further financial issues for the man who had 7 children with 6 women already.

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A drunk driver was sentenced to send a postcard every week for 15 years to the parents of the man he killed while intoxicated.


A stable worker who was convicted of animal abuse after neglecting some horses for 4 months was given only bread and water for the first 3 days of a 30 day sentence.


A woman who left 35 kittens out in the woods (9 of which died) was made to spend a night in the woods alone to experience what that would feel like.

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A man in Spain was arrested and sentenced to find a job after wasting a courtrooms time suing his parents for his weekly allowance.


A man was sentenced to "Red Lobster and bowling" while being sentenced on a domestic abuse charge because his wife stated to the judge that these were her favorite things.


After blasting rap music out of his car in a residential neighborhood a man was offered to have his fine significantly reduced if he would listen to 20 hours of classical music. He only lasted 15 minutes reportedly.


After shouting "Pigs" at police officers a Painesville man was ordered to stand on a street corner with a pig on a leash and a sign that read "This is not a police officer."


After being caught stealing the donation bucket from a Salvation army slot a man was ordered to spend 24 hours as if he were homeless.


A man who ran a many red light was sentenced to visit a morgue to view the bodies of a recent crash.


A woman who refused to pay her cab fare was sentenced to walk the distance of her ride, a full 30 miles.


A woman who was arrested for pepper spraying a pedestrian was sentenced to be pepper sprayed by her victim. In the end the punishment was only fear, as the substance sprayed was only water.


Richard Linklater made a movie about funeral director Bernie Tiede, who murdered a woman and put her body in a freezer. He was released from prison on the condition that he live with Linklater.


A mother who was arrested for not buckling up her child explained to the judge that her son refused to wear it. So the 6-year-old was ordered to attend traffic school!


An apartment owner who refused to bring his buildings up to code was put under house arrest in one of them for 6 months.


A man convicted of stealing from an adult video store was made to stand outside blindfolded wearing a sign that read "See no evil."


A couple who lied to park rangers about not owning an unregistered raft (it did not meet safety standards) a search for the missing rafter ensued.

When the ruse was discovered the couple was arrested and ordered to stand in public in a kiddie pool and wearing life jackets while handing out pamphlets on water safety.