This Depressingly Hilarious Doll Will Prepare Your Daughters For Real Life.

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 30th September 2015


She falls asleep in her clothes! She takes depression medication! She's summoned to appear in court! It's a shame this doll is merely a prop created for an Inside Amy Schumer sketch, because it needs to exist in real life. Never before has a doll more accurately depicted the ugly truths of everyday life as a single woman.

The Amy Schumer doll teaches the hard lessons in life. Unlike dolls who unrealistically wake up flawless in mansions, Amy wakes up in a stranger's bed. This serves to educate young girls about avoiding pregnancy by taking Plan B, and treating a UTI with cranberry juice.

The doll also shows girls what a real woman's wardrobe consist of; clothing that either hides problem areas or hangs in the closet as sad reminder of your goal weight.


Besides being a genius idea, both child actors have great comic timing. I hope they took home a few valuable life lessons while filming the segment.

I never liked Barbies or American Girl dolls, but I feel like my younger self would be down with the Amy Schumer doll. Perhaps my affinity stems from the fact that this fake doll mirrors my own life with such alarming accuracy. Or maybe it's because I know it won't record my actions and bring about the dawn of our machine overlords.

Here is the full sketch.

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