This Is What American Horror Story: Freak Show's Monsters Look Like In Real Life!

By Suzanne in Bizarre On 17th October 2015

#1 Angela Bassett rocks the heck out of a triple-breasted prosthetic, as she becomes Desiree Dupree.

#2 Michael Chiklis morphed into "Strong Man" Wendell 'Dell' Toledo by bulking up and donning a seriously sinister mustache.

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#3 John Carroll Lynch is positively terrifying as Twisty the Clown. Said to be one of the creepiest characters ever created, this actor dons an actual skull cap of skin, menacing grin and crusty makeup. He's so scary!

#4 Kathy Bates must have to sit hours in the makeup chair to get her facial hair just right. It takes time to transform into "Bearded Lady" Ethel Darling!

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#5 Rose Siggins plays Legless Suzi in Fraulein Elsa's freak show --- donning period hair and makeup, with a less flashy skateboard for transportation.

#6 Ben Woolf, who plays Meep, might've been unrecognizable in the first season as creepy basement baby, Infantata --- but in Freak Show he wears very few adornments!

#7 Sarah Paulson's makeup is simple this season, but she's acting for two. Sometimes dealing with multiple roles can be tough work!

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#8 With some heavy primping and caked makeup, Jessica Lange becomes German ex-cabaret star, Elsa Mars! Although beautiful on the outside, she hides that she's missing both her legs!

#9 Naomi Grossman is pinhead Pepper once more, transforming her pretty face with various prosthetics. She's almost unrecognizable in costume, no?!

#10 Erika Ervin is "The World's Tallest Woman" Amazon Eve. Her wardrobe is super cute for the 1950's, and the actress is almost 7 feet tall --- so her character isn't stretching too far!

#11 Evan Peters wears prosthetic lobster hands for his portrayal of the charming freak who pleasures housewives, Jimmy Darling.

#12 Mat Fraser aka Paul the Illustrated Seal has no visible tattoos and seems to be friends with Rihanna, which is awesome!