This Woman Blinded Herself On Purpose Using Drain Cleaner And Says She's Happier Than Ever!

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 1st October 2015


Jewel Shuping has Body Integrity Identity Disorder, which is a condition where a healthy, able-bodied person believes they are meant to be disabled. It used to be called Amputee Identity Disorder, since feeling as if a limb shouldn't be there is the most common variant, but for Jewel, it took a different form. All her life she's been sure of one thing: she should be blind. And now, thanks to drain cleaner, she is! Wait, what the eff?


Jewel says she can remember struggling with her condition since the age of 6, when she used to stare directly into the sun for hours after her mother told her that it would cause blindness. By the time she was in her 20s, she was "blind-simming" or pretending to be a blind person with a cane and thick black sunglasses. Eventually she met a psychologist who aided her in the self-blinding process by squeezing drops of drain cleaner into her eyeballs. There is no info on what has since happened to this "psychologist." We want Jewel to be happy, but that seems to violate a few medical oaths.

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Jewel says she is not crazy, she has a disorder and one that is pretty difficult to understand. Even though she is very happy to finally be blind, she discourages anyone experiencing some form of BIID to follow through on it on their own. Even someone who self-blinded themselves recommends seeking professional help if you're thinking of doing something similar. So, please, if you're thinking of doing something similar: seek professional help.


If this is all very confusing (it should be), maybe watch Jewel explain her motivations herself:

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