Unbelievable! A Random Tooth Was Found Growing In This Man's Nose

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 11th September 2015

#1 The bony white mass growing inside the man's nasal cavity

A 22 year old man suffered from monthly nose bleeds and frequent tonsillitis for three years. On seeking deeper medical attention doctors never expected something as rare as a bony mass to grow inside this man's nose.

#2 A CT scan showing the rogue tooth growing inside his nasal cavity

On further investigation, dentists confirmed that a tooth was growing inside. The dentist explained that is not unusual for extra teeth to grow but it is rare for a tooth to grow far inside the nasal cavity.

The CT scan shows a half an inch bony mass. Up to 3.9% people have extra teeth growing near their incisors. These extra teeth are known as Mesiodens and have the potential to travel up to the nose.

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#3 The video explaining the mesiodens

People suffering from this extra growth suffer from a blocked nose, headaches, nose-bleeds, foul smelling mucus and nasal deformities.