[Video] Missouri Mom Aims Gun at Kids Who Were Bullying Her Son

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 6th September 2015


A Missouri mother was caught on camera pointing a handgun and cursing at a group of teenagers who she said had threatened her 15-year-old son.

Tracy Leeser and her husband Don, both 42, showed up to Fleet Park in St. Charles County to defend their son Brett. Don is seen on the video holding a baseball bat.

The mother is first seen on the video, screaming 'Get the fuck away from my kid, you motherfucker'.

One of the teens can then be heard telling Tracy Leeser, 'You don't know shit' before saying, 'your son's gonna get your a** beat right now, I'll beat your son's ass right now'.


That's when Leeser pulled out the gun from her shorts, yelling, 'you wanna beat my ass?' as she points it at one of teens, who yells 'come on shoot me, shoot me' while another tells her, 'hey don't do that'.

'Beat my ass motherfucker, I dare you to,' Leeser then says, turning the gun onto another teen who then says, 'Don't fucking point that gun at me'.

When she tells the teen to 'back up', he responds, 'you back up, you're the one with the motherfucking gun. You are in the wrong lady, you came here with a gun for 17-year-olds'.

Leeser said she brought the gun to protect herself and that she did not intend to use it when she went to confront the teenagers at the park, she told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

'I felt that was my only safeguard against being killed that night,' she said. 'Worst-case scenario, yes, I would have used it. But I didn't.'

The video was posted on YouTube and Facebook by Tyrelle Ware, 15, one of the teenagers Leeser pointed the gun at.

Ware's brother Terrence and another teenager Jack Herren, both 18, are also seen in the video.

Don Leeser said the couple went to the park after receiving a text from Brett that said he was about to get attacked by the group of teenagers, asking for help.

Conflict arose earlier that day between the two families when a fight broke out between two girls who were friends of Tyrelle and Terrence Ware in front of the the Leesers' house, the parents said.

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Don Leeser said he pulled out his pocket knife and swung at Terrence before chasing him with it after seeing him reach for something in his pocket.

Terrence Ware denies the claim, saying he had no weapon and that his hands were visible throughout the altercation, he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Police were eventually called to the park to break up the fight between the Leesers' and the teens.

No arrests have been made, something Tyrelle and Terrence's mother, Christina Halton, hopes will change.

'If they don't get charged, what kind of example are we setting for our children, that it's okay to pull guns on kids?' she said.

'No, this is not how we deal with kids.'

A dozen BB bullets were fired into the Leesers' front window last Saturday, three days after the confrontation at the park.

Don Leeser said their eight-year-old daughter was sleeping on the living room couch just behind the window the bullets hit.

He said she wasn't hit, but is traumatized.

The Ware brothers and Harren have since denied they shot at the window.

It is currently being investigated by St. Charles County police.


You can see the video of the incident here.

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