What These Doctors Did To Save A Man's Hand Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 30th August 2015


If you lost a limb in a terrible accident, you'd do just about anything to get it back, right? But sometimes, getting things back to normal requires the use of some unorthodox methods.

A man in China recently lost his hand, and the only way doctors could save it was by temporarily attaching it to his leg. And it looks as gross at it sounds.

#1 Doctors attached the man's severed hand to his ankle to maintain blood supply.

It remained like this for a month before they were finally able to reattach it to his arm.

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#2 The innovative procedure required a 10-hour surgery. The man's hand should regain full mobility after a few months of rehabilitation.

I know he had no choice if he wanted his hand back, but I'm not sure if I could go through with this. In any case, these doctors are definitely mad scientists.