Woman Caged Her Meth Addict Son When Drug Rehabs Didn't Help Her

By Sughra Hafeez in Bizarre On 10th September 2015


Mother has built an in-house cage in her Rockhampton home in coastal Queensland.


The cage cost her more than $3000. But she took this harsh decision with the hope to protect her ice-addicted son from methamphetamines and harming himself or others.

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‘I'd rather look at my mum as a jailer than be in a real jail,' the 17-year-old old Wiley told A Current Affair.

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It was a hard decision for her as several times her son made suicide attempts.


'You know your son is going to end up dead, or severely hurting himself or someone else. I am just one person begging for help and there is no one to help us,' she said.


‘He said: "Mum, you have to lock the cage. You have to lock the doors because I can't be trusted",' the mother repeated what she heard from her son. We hope his mother's efforts give Wiley a second life.