World's Most Passive-Aggressive Couple Sends Wedding Guests A Bill For Not Showing Up.

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 30th September 2015


Jessica Baker of Golden Valley, Minnesota was all set to attend a wedding two weeks ago when a last-minute complication forced her and her husband to change their plans. Her mom was supposed to babysit during the wedding, but she called at the last minute and told her she couldn't make it. Because the invitation had specified no children, Baker was forced to miss the wedding. This, she assumed, would be the end of it. How naive.


The offended newlyweds sent her a bill for the two meals she and her husband were supposed to have eaten: herb-crusted walleye (one of those fish that are only served at weddings). Including tax and tip, the bill came to $75.90. A note was included to explain, but it did little to soften the blow:

"This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVP'd for, reimbursement and explanation for no show, card, call or text would be appreciated."

This note is a poorly-worded masterpiece of passive aggression. Baker was floored, but she honestly didn't know what was right. After all, she hadn't informed the couple that she wouldn't attend. Having no other option than alerting the media, she sent a copy of the bill to KARE 11 News, who posted it on Facebook. It quickly attracted hundreds of comments from people with very passionate opinions on the issue. It turns out that people feel very strongly about wedding etiquette.

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Overwhelmingly, commenters felt that the couple were unjustified in sending the bill. But just to be thorough, KARE 11 consulted an expert: Sarah Baumann Rogers, the editor of Minnesota Bride magazine. While she agreed that the couple had a right to be annoyed at no-shows, she explained that it is very rude to confront them like this:

"Under no circumstances should you choose to follow up after the fact...kind of questioning why they couldn't attend or much less sending a bill General rule is prepare for about 10 percent of overage or underage when you're planning a big event like that and catering companies are well aware of this."

For her part, Baker agrees. She threw the bill out and has no intention to pay it. And while the identity of the couple hasn't been revealed publicly, she did indicate that they were family. So what appears to already be a pretty tense relationship is only going to get worse. Especially when they find out she told the news.

You smell that? That's the smell of burning bridges.