Would You Like to Study in a Russian Castle?

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 20th November 2013

What if you were given the chance to study in a castle?? In Russia, the 'Ordinary Miracle' school has been designed to look like a picture out of a fairytale story! Made to look like a magnificent castle, it is actually a secondary school envisioned by a teacher who wanted a school to look good.

If you were that kind of a kid who hated waking up in the morning to go to school, even if you want to say no, the answer most usually would be yes. The fact that you were dragged out of bed at 6 in the morning, rushed through the morning routine of brushing, washing and dressing, eating whatever your stomach could manage as breakfast in a short amount of time and then finally being driven to school still sickens me! 

Most of us went to schools that looked like they were designed by strict old hags who were allergic to colour and wanted every person present to share the same mutual feeling. In that case, being a kid is tough. Kids want a reason to do anything-a motive.

But if you are a kid in Russia, more accurately, living in Yoshkar-Ola, you could be one of the luckiest bunch of kids on Earth! Known as the ‘Ordinary Miracle’, the secondary school was built by a businessman, Sergey Mamaev for his wife who is a teacher. 

Castle school designed by a teacher who wanted to teach at a place that looked good.


Making its students feel like royalty, Russian school called 'The Ordinary Miracle'


His wife, Tatiana, wanted to teach in a school that well- looked good! So she went about her idea of designing a school to look like an actual castle! This idea has been marveled upon by many other businessmen who have taken this as an example in giving children’s minds a motive and an inspiration to do new and wondrous things.



The fairytale school is well equipped with a kindergarten, elementary and secondary section. Besides that, it also has a cafeteria, swimming pool and gym! What more can a kid ask for?