WTF! A Deranged Woman From Colorado Cuts Open A Pregnant Mother's Womb To Remove Unborn Child

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 14th September 2015

#1 On the show of Dr. Phil, Michelle shares her story of violence after years of silence.

"I saw the cut in my stomach and I rolled up my maternity pants and stood up. I had so little blood in my legs I fell forward and could feel myself bleeding heavily".

Fortunately, her phone was in sight and was able to make the emergency call.

#2 Michelle visited Dynel Lane of Longmont, Colorado

Michelle had responded to a Craiglist post that advertised maternity clothing. She went to Dynel's house where she attacked by Ms. Lane. They did not know each prior to this meetup and this was their first encounter.

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#3 A photo of Michelle showing her baby bump.

Michelle narrated her ordeal.

"The very first moment that I walked in, she laid out the clothes," said Michelle, "what's your size? I think these fit you,".

Ms. Lane set them in a bag and handed them to her. "She just started conversation and I finally started walking towards the door. I was at the door, ready to walk outside, and she said, "Oh, I have some girl clothes downstairs that someone gave me before I found out I was having a boy, do you want them?"

"And intuitively, I had that sensation wash over me, I have everything I need."

Wilkins said; "But for fear of being impolite, I decided to stay. She actually physically reached across me and closed the door in front of me."

At that point Ms. Lane began to attack Michelle.

#4 Michelle fights to hold back tears as she tries to recall the incident.

'When she attacked me, she hit my back. It was very aggressive and hard and I asked her, "Was there a spider on me?" and she said, "Yeah, I think I got it,"' said Wilkins.

'And then she continued. I turned around pulled my hands up and said "What are you doing?" And said, "I just want to leave, I don't want to hurt you."

'I started walking toward the door, and she grabbed me very roughly, pushing me deeper into the house towards the bathroom. We jostled a little bit in the hallway as I tried to push my way back towards the door.

'She's pushing me deeper into the house. Finally, we get all the way in front of the bathroom and she just lurches me sideways into the back bedroom. There are so many what if's that go through your head.

'We struggle and she keeps telling me she's that going to call the police on me. I pull out my phone and I said, "well I'll call the police" and that's when the real struggle begins and she just throws me to the bed and tries to suffocate me with the pillow, with her hands and it had this nightmarish quality.

'She broke something over my head and I just felt the liquid wash over me, and I just kept saying, "Why, why are you doing this? Why?"'

Wilkins also told Dr Phil; 'My core belief is that love motivates. I told her I loved her, and in turn she stabbed me.'

Lane said to her during the attack; 'If you love me, you will let me do this.'

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#6 Michelle speaks to on the episode of Dr. Phil