You'll Be Shocked When You See How Much Comes Out Of This Abscessed Pimple...

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 30th September 2015

#1 Meet Earl Simmons

#2 If you are squeamish , look away

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#4 There was so much pus that Earl could not stop it all from oozing.

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#5 Here is the collected pus on a paper towel, blah!

#6 So why are we even watching this thread? What's so interesting to us in getting grossed out? You've seen this horrible zit pop for a reason.

#7 There is a sense of relief after watching someone else pop the pressured zit.

#8 And for some, It's just the thrill of getting adrenaline boost from getting grossed out.

#9 Let's hear it from a doctor who does blemishes drains for a living:

"I agree that there is something hypnotic about pimple popping. Sometimes when I upload my own videos I find myself watching certain parts over and over."

#10 Here is the video!