You Won't Believe What The Vet Has Found Inside This Puppy, It's Disgusting!

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 30th September 2015

#1 When The Stray Puppy Meet The Vet For The First Time

After checking his legs, the vet eliminated the option for any skin disease

#2 Watch Out, It's a Mangoworms !

Unbelievable - Mangoworms resides under the poor puppy flesh

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#3 The Only Available Treatment - Extraction, Manually!

Oh boy, it's getting gross - the only way the vet can get them out is by manually squeezing them out..!

#4 The Scars

See how deep the Mangoworms has stayed. Poor puppy!

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#5 Our Little Hero!

The vet was satisfied from this young brave dog, which haven't caused to any issues during the treatment process.

#6 Oh, There Are More

After he turns over the puppy, he found a more Mangoworms colony.

#7 Here it goes again...

The vet and his assistant sedated the dog to save him pain and suffers, as this area are extremely gentle.

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#8 Scars And Infection

The vet claimed that the dog really got infected, an antibiotic treatment should be taken in order to save his life.

#9 They Are All Out!

After almost 3 hours of manually worms extraction, mission accomplished! The dog has been saved and the doctor was the hero of the day. Hurray!